September 28th - October 1st

The Seventh FCBEscola International Tournament is almost here!  This season the FCBEscola Toronto will be attending the tournament where we will compete against various FC Barcelona academies from around the world.  Our players will be presented with a unique opportunity to learn first hand the FC Barcelona methodology and values while simultaneously sharing it with various cultures from around the world in what will surely be an unforgettable experience.

From hotel and pricing information, to age groups and extra activities, you will be able to find all the information regarding the trip in this page.  See all the details below and we hope to see you in Barcelona next March!

The following age categories will be present at the tournament:


Includes U-7 

Includes U-9

Includes U-11

Includes U-13

Includes U-15

Our U8 & U10 teams will be staying at the AC Forum Hotel in Barcelona. This 368-bedroom urban hotel features a Wi-Fi Internet connection throughout all rooms and communal. The outdoor swimming pool boasts a beautiful view overlooking the city of Barcelona, and The Suite Bar, is known for its fine Mediterranean cuisine. 

Our U12 & U14 teams will be staying at the SB Events Hotel in Barcelona. This is where we stayed in last year’s tournament.  Hotel SB, located in Castelldefels, is one of the best accommodation options for your trip to Barcelona.


 ​No parents will be allowed to stay in this hotel.


The tournament in Toronto will have a typical structure of a group stage followed by a knockout round.  Each age group would have two groups of which the top two teams will classify onto the knockout round.  

See below for more information about the tournament structure:

The tournament will consist of a group stage followed by a knockout stage for the qualified teams.

Each team participating in the tournament is guaranteed to play a minimum of six games during the event.

In total we will have between 6 to 8 teams of each age group.  

All games will be 25 minutes long.  The tournament will start on Friday and finish on Sunday morning.

All games between ages U6 to U12 will be 7v7.  U16 games will be 11v11 and U14 will be determined soon.

All players participating in the tournament will be expected to abide by the values that represent the club.

For the tournament we will offer two travel options in total.  The first travel package is for players travelling with their families.  The second option is for those players who want to travel with the team.  See below for more information:

The Family travel option is for players who will be travelling to Toronto with their families.  This package does not include hotel, travel, or any other amenities. Players that choose this package will only have to pay the mandatory tournament fee of $275. 


The team travel package includes the full experience of the tournament as well as all the extra activities.  Players who choose this option will have everything already paid for and will only have to worry about any personal expenses.  All the details regarding the departure date and time will be released shortly.

Departure: September 27th

Return: October 1st

Enjoy a nice meal with delicious Spanish food.  

We will go on a guided tour of the city and show you all the marvels the city of Barcelona has to offer.

Get away from the cold and onto the beautiful Barcelona sun!  We’ll be there all day 

We will hold a small tournament with all the FCBEscola Canada, Australia, and China Teams.  Here all the teams from all the Escolas in Canada will compete against each other in a small tournament.  

Enter the field from the tunnel, visit the area dedicated to Leo Messi, see the five European cups and interact with the history of the club in the museum.  Oh and you can also sit on the first team bench!  

Our players will attend an Official La Liga match.  Unfortunately it won’t be able to be at the Camp Nou because that fixture will be played away.  Our players will attend a Girona match or a RDC Espanyol match, both of which are top clubs.

To find the costs and all the information