Since BCN Sports was founded in 2013, we have always advocated for the development of young players here in Canada.  It is an honour for us to provide opportunities for those athletes who, due to financial circumstances, are not able to participate in our program.  As a results, we are happy to announce our new scholarship opportunities for all of our Barça Academies in Canada. 

Players who need financial assistance in order to join one of our academies in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Edmonton, or Vancouver  will be able to apply for a scholarship through BCN Sports.  In the documents below, you will find a PDF with more information regarding the necessary qualifications and steps to qualify for the financial aid.  Moreover, you will find a link to the application form for those interested in applying. 

Please keep in mind that the deadline to submit the application is October 15th.  We recommend those interested in applying to do so before the date mentioned above.  

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this opportunity please do not hesitate to contact us.