The Rafa Nadal Junior Program Organised by BCN Sports is created for young players who are looking to enjoy an unforgettable experience at one of the best performance sports centers in the world.

Players at the Summer Tennis Camp will improve their technique, physical fitness, and on-court skills while enjoying multiple leisure activities in Mallorca. The Program also aims to educate participants through sport with sessions led by coaches from the Rafa Nadal Academy, the young players will receive lessons on nutrition, fitness training, and values such as hard work, humility, tolerance, patience, respect, and integrity.

The Rafa Nadal Academy Junior Program is a unique opportunity for tennis, fun, leisure, and values to be brought together at a campus that will be shared by children from all over the world.

41 Hours of Tennis Training

Focus on Mental and Physical Training

Train at the Offical Rafa Nadal Academy

Leisure activities in Marvelous Mallorca


Rafa and Toni Nadal, in collaboration with the technical team that has been working with Rafa throughout his career, have created the Academy’s unique training system. 

Rafa’s successes are the fruit of values transmitted by his 
team positive values such as effort, self-discipline, friendship, overcoming adversity, humility and respect are synonymous with our Academy and are the pillars on which we base the education, training and overall development of our students


We understand that competition is a fundamental tool for the development of the athlete, that is why every Saturday morning an internal tournament is organized where all the players have the chance to play matches against other players. Workshops are conducted on the Rafa Nadal Values, Nutrition for athletes, Mental control, as well as broadening students’ sporting horizon


Physical training at Rafa Nadal Academy is based on two pillars: Coordination Skills and Injury Prevention. All these skills will be integrated on-court and in physical training sessions, where we will carry out a personalized nutritional program at the Academy is lead by Rafa’s personal nutritionist and is based
tasks during real play personalized
 plans according to stages and its implementation is dependent on the coordination of a team of people.


The brand-new sporting facilities at the Rafa Nadal Academy are all equipped with the latest technology for you to grow as a player and create an unforgettable experience.


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If you are interested to learn more about this program, fill in your details and one of our representatives will get in touch with you shortly