From year-round FCBEscola Academies, to Summer Camps and Residential Programs, we offer a wide range of training options for players interested in learning the FC Barcelona methodology with official coaches from the club.  Click below to find out more:



BCN Sports is proud to announce the partnership with MIC Sports to offer various programs for players and coaches in Spain.  Among these programs are the Mediterranean International Cup (MIC Football Tournament) and the MIC Coaching Clinics.



BCN Sports also offers a year-round residential program in Spain where players will receive top tier training while living, studying, and practicing in top tier facilities.  The students also have a tailored academic plan and will receive accredited validation of their studies. 


BCN FC was established in 2017 becoming an academy that makes a difference by offering an integral formation of soccer players all around Canada. BCN FC uses a modern and European training methodology reinforced by the excellence of the north American athlete and develops the players preparing them for having a complete understanding of the game through a philosophy that always exalts the team above the individual; The collective game.


Selecting a college is an exciting time for high school students and their family members but it can also be a time of great stress, where important decisions must be made.   Our College Placement service specializes in matching qualified student-athletes with the best-fit college or university for the individual, as well as proactively guiding each student-athlete and their family through the recruiting process. We take the full measure of a student athlete's potential by highlighting their athletic and academic achievements along with their personal attributes to effectively market them to college coaches


BCN Sports will enable you to pursue your dream of becoming a college student-athlete across all levels and   divisions!



We assist organisations & individuals in achieving their goals.  Aligning organisational and individual aims is how high performance happens. We're interested in partnering with organizations and individuals looking for the same. 



Our Coaches Academies offer industry-leading, top-of-the line coaching courses for professional soccer managers.  This extensive educational program will allow the participants to complete their formation and receive an official certification from Spain.


BCN Sports hosts and organizes conferences and symposiums where industry leaders meet to discuss and debate the latest challenges facing the business of sports.