Morning Tips for Top Energy and Stamina 

Breakfast. We've all heard it's the most important meal of the day, but mornings can be busy and stressful as it is. Knowing what to feed your athlete before a match, with something that tastes good and provides long-term energy doesn't have to be difficult.  The goal is to eat 'slow-burning carbohydrates' to provide energy and stamina. What you don't want are fast-burning carbohydrates, commonly found on the majority of family breakfast tables. 

Is your child eating the wrong type of breakfast?
Think about the effect a bowl of cereal can have on your body - it provides a lot of energy right away, then the inevitable CRASH hits hard and fast. By the time they get to the field, their energy is likely already spent! This doesn't apply to only sweet cereal. Most cereal doesn't have enough fibre to provide slow-burning energy. 

10-Minute Breakfast Tips 
•    Overnight Oats. Add oats and milk to a mason jar the night before and pop in the fridge. Simply heat and top with goodies like nuts, fruit, raw cocoa powder and serve. 
•    Overnight Chia Seed Pudding. Add 2 parts milk to 1 part chia seeds with a handful of frozen blueberries. The next morning you have a delicious breakfast on the go!
•    Add brain-healthy nuts for prolonged energy and focus. Walnuts don't look like a brain for nothing! 


  • 1 cup steel-cut oats

  • ½ cup plain whole-milk Greek yogurt

  • 1¼ cups non-dairy unsweetened milk

  • Pinch of kosher salt

  • 1 tablespoon authentic maple syrup

  • 1/2 ripe banana

  • 1 tsp cocoa powder


1.    Combine oats, yogurt,  salt, and 1¼ cups nut milk in a resealable plastic quart container.
2.    Add bananas and cocoa powder and stir to combine. Cover and chill overnight.
3.    In the morning pour mixture into a saucepan over medium heat. Add extra milk to loosed and gently heat
for 15minutes, stirring frequently until oats are softened.

Do Ahead: Oats can be assembled 4 days ahead. 

At the end of a game -  when energy levels are crucial -  your athletes will have the endurance to battle the faltering competition, giving your team the competitive edge to win games!

NICOLE DI NARDO | nutritionist