MIC Sports, the organizers of the MIC (Mediterranean International Cup) Football Tournament, and BCN Sports have formed an official partnership where we will be operating as official agents of the MIC Coaches Clinic in Canada and Australia.


The MIC Coaches Clinic offers coaches the opportunity to develop and improve their skills in the best football environment.  From learning the methodology used by clubs like FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol, to watching a Champions League game, and even receiving a title recognized by the Catalan Football Federation, the MIC Coaches Clinic has it all.  


Attend youth pro matches of renowned teams in Barcelona and carry out match analysis with local coaches.


Learn the methodology used by teams from Barcelona, such as RCD Espanyol and FC Barcelona.


Upon completion of the course, you will receive an Official Title recognized by the Catalan Football Federation

•  Identify the basic offensive and defensive concepts and their connection to the game.

•  Understand and comprehend the rules to play 7, 8 or 11 a-side, and the best way to teach them to the initiation stage.

•  Determine the different training aims, contents and tasks.

•  Learn how to develop technical and tactical skills on players during their initiation stages. 

•  Develop methodological and education skills for youth stages.

•  Know more about the main injuries in youth football and how to apply the first aid.

•  Develop an optimum learning environment for the players during the initiation stage.

•  Know how to transmit the ethical values of football as well as to teach the respect for the rules and spirit of the game to the players.

•  Obtain basic office software skills and its application to have a better control of the trainings.


Below you will find more Technical information regarding the MIC Coaching Clinic:


During the days of the trip, the MIC Sports organizers will offer the coaches travelling to Barcelona some extra activities.  From doing some tourism of the city, to watching official Champions League games, the extra activities will surely be a great time for everyone involved.


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