(Vancouver, Edmonto)

The Academy Manager is the main responsible of promoting the Barça Academy brand and develop activities under the supervision of BCN Sports Local Project Manager of BCN Sports. One of the main responsibilities of his work will be mainly focus on customer service and ensure everything works out according to the Barça Academy goals.


  • Customer Service: Take care and ensure that communication between the customers and the Barça Academy is correct.

    • Phone

    • Email

    • Face to face/Meetings

  • Attendance list: Take care of the attendance of the players in a daily basis.

  • Control of tryouts: Notify DPL and coaches of the attendance of a tryout player during the practise.

    • Reception: Reception the player and explain him/her how the session is going to be developed.

    • Uniform: Prepare the uniform for the player and make sure that the player give it back at the end of the practise.

  • Stock material: Take control in a daily basis of the following equipment:

    • Uniforms (Camp & Escola)

    • Soccer equipment

  • Field Coordinator: Ensure that everything works out according to the plan and the goals of the academy

    • Manage volunteers

    • Branding

  • Back Office: Make sure that the status of each player is correctly update on the Back Office (price, information, payments)

    • Pre-Registered

    • Cancelled players

    • Registered players

    • Installment plan players


  • Promotional Events: Work close with the DPL to promote the Barça Academy.

  • Extra activities: Work close with the DPL to create activities that could generate revenues.

  • Games: Work close with the Barça Academy staff to prepare and ensure the quality of the games:

    • Internal Games

    • Tournaments

    • Festivals

  • Facilities: Take care of the communication between the Barça Academy and the facilities.

  • Marketing: Promoting in a daily basis the developed activities.

    • Post and share at least one content per day/every two days on the following social media apps:

      • Instagram

      • Facebook


Post Secondary Degree is necessary


$32,000 - $34,000 (fixed + bonus included)